We believe everyone should have access to clean energy

2.7 billion people live without access to clean cooking fuels. The biogas sector provides less harmful, more readily available and more economic renewable energy compared to burning wood.


As more biogas plants are installed it becomes increasingly hard to monitor function, provide maintenance and inform users on how best to use them. This results in decreasing efficiency and ultimately breakdowns. Biogas plants fall into disrepair and users return to burning biomass.




The Smart Biogas System

Our monitoring sensor attaches to the biogas plant.



A data hub collects information from plants in a 15km radius and relays it to a cloud database for storage and analysis. Data from here can be used and updated by service and supply organisations or exported to external parties.



Service and supply organisations train and employ accredited biogas technicians to communicate with plant owners and address any faults.


Fault Detected

The sensor notices a fault in the plant.



The data hub relays the information to the cloud database, which then sends an SMS to the plant owner to confirm the fault.



The owner sends an SMS or missed call to the cloud to register an issue. (This can also be done if they detect an issue independent of the sensor)



The database connects through the service and supply organisations to a technician who can contact the owner and fix the plant.


Our low-cost monitoring system spots faulty biogas plants in real-time. It connects owners with support and local technicians able to provide advice and facilitate repairs.

The diagram below illustrates these interactions:

(Hover over the        to see how the system responds to a detected fault)

Securing Carbon Credit Funding

Effective After-Sales Service

Real-Time Data and Statistics

Monitoring System Quality

Stimulating Local  Maintenance

Increasing Sector Transparency


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